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Ginko studios is located near the Colorado River in the burgeoning art district of East Austin, Texas. The studio is the workspace of Sunyong Chung and Philippe Klinefelter. Ginko's porcelain is crafted by Sunyong. Philippe collaborates in the design and fabrication of forms. The two artists also collaborate in marriage.

Sunyong, a native Korean, is a graduate of University of Texas at Austin. Her degree is in art, with an emphasis on ceramics. She has been a studio potter for over twenty years. Sunyong has exhibited in American Craft Council shows, New York Handmade and has been represented in many art and craft galleries and museum stores throughout United States and abroad.

Philippe is a sculptor who works with granite, wood and metal. He studied geology and architecture at University of Texas at Austin. Most of his work is large scale functional art, which can be found in a number of public spaces as well as private collections.

Artist's Statement
My work is focused on functional art working with colored porcelain. I believe that handmade objects possess a powerful connection between the maker and the user.

My process is based on the traditional Japanese nerikome technique and the imagery in my work is a reinterpretation of themes depicted throughout the history of pottery decoration. I am also inspired by the meditative calm derived from the compositions of the natural world.

Major influences of my esthetic comes from my mother's embroidery art, my native culture, and modern art.

Sunyong Chung, November 2005


Our Technique

For a description of how we create our work, please visit the section on our version of the traditional Japanese nerikome process.


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